1st Circle Membership (Practitioners and Ministers)

IN THE BEGINNING there were only Practitioners. Holmes was a Practitioner; you are a Practitioner. As a licensed Practitioner you teach and you heal. Only you and your colleagues have made this choice. And in consciousness you are the keepers of the vision, the tenders of the flame. The Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation situated in Golden, Colorado, is dedicated to assisting you in doing just that – keeping alive the flame of Science Of Mind, as taught by Ernest Holmes, and more.

IN PARTNERSHIP with the Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation you can insure that in years to come that the teaching of Science of Mind, and the healing consciousness of Spiritual Mind Treatment, is as available to others as it is today – for you and through you – and as it was yesterday for our forebears, and will be in the future for those who are yet to know. The Practitioner is the transitional link. You are the eyes and ears – The guardians, as it were. You are the reason that 1st Circle has been organized.

THE PRACTITIONER assures that all the records, and the special little treasures, and the pictures, and speeches, and sermons and writings, even the furniture, of Holmes and of others, are available and expressed in the media of the day. You are here and you are there. You see and know. The Practitioner is global. You care. You assure the continuation and the availability of the history, and the teaching and healing power of the Science of Mind.

1ST CIRCLE is a very special support group. We support each other and together, as a healing circle, we support the Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation. Recognition is not our goal; history and its full value going forward is. Your annual contribution of at least $125, provides the financial support that insures continuous operation of the Archives & Library. This in turn provides for the procurement, protection and the accessibility of our collective history. Our mission is to locate, preserve and share.

YOU ARE INVITED to be part of this grand expression. To be a member of 1st Circle. It will only happen once. You join with others now as creators, and the joy of success will be our transcending experience. 1st Circle membership is open to Practitioners, Practitioner students, and Ministers;  This is truly a very special group!

SAY YES NOW if you can.  1st Circle is an exclusive group limited to 1,000 members.  Become one of the 1,000 and make a significant difference. 1st Circle annual membership is only a minimum contribution of $125. And when 1,000 of us have said yes the future looks bright indeed.


Science of Mind Archives
and Library Foundation
573 Park Point Dr.
Golden, CO 80401

Kathy Mastroianni
Executive Director


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