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What’s New for Fall 2022!

Here are some of the things that have recently become available: Dr. Tom Sannar’s Science of Mind Sourcebook, new Spanish language versions of the writings of Ernest Holmes, issues of Creative Thought magazine previously unavailable and much more! Below are a sample of some recent additions! Check back frequently!

View the Video Replay from Ernest Holmes’ 135 Birthday Party!

Science of Mind Archives Birthday Party for Dr. Ernest Holmes was a great, fun success! You are invited to watch this video replay from this celebration of our Founder’s birthday! Join the celebration at your convenience!  Amazing music by Laura Berman, Barry Ebert, Jami Lula, Park Peters, and Eddie Watkins, Jr.! Archives updates and tours, special guest appearances, and more! Learn how YOU can use the Archives. (NOTE: Fast forward to minute 15 to get to the start of the actual party)

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2021 Ernest Holmes Birthday Party Replay      

Due to Popular Demand, the Archives is sharing the recording of this very special birthday celebration right here on the Archives website!

Now you can join in and experience this joyfilled celebration–and share it with others! (FAST FORWARD TO 6 minutes to get to the start of the event and click on the 4 arrows next to the word “vimeo” in the lower right corner to EXPAND the video!)

Introducing: Wise Sage Interviews

In our commitment to truly Preserve, Protect and Present Science of Mind wisdom for you and generations to come, the Archives has been interviewing wisdom-keepers of our movement.

These recordings are now available for you!  Each month we will be adding new interviews of different wisdom keepers here on our website. Watch below or Click Here.

Chronicles of Religious Science Volume II!

The Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation is honored and excited to announce the release of the long-awaited Chronicles of Religious Science Volume II: 1960-2012, by historian and author Rev. Dr. Marilyn Leo.
Building on the history documented in Chronicles of Religious Science Volume I, this second volume opens with the transition of Ernest Holmes in 1960. Each chapter highlights the growth and decisions of the Church of Religious Science and Religious Science International as the organizations grew and eventually merged back into one whole in 2012. Based on interviews, quotes, meeting minutes and commentary, these two volumes capture the essence of Religious Science and preserve its history for future generations.

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eBOOK FROM $25.00 TO $6.99!
Chronicles of Religious Science Volume I!

The History of the Religious Science Movement, with interviews, quotes, and commentary 1926 – 1959, by historian and author Rev. Dr. Marilyn Leo. Check it out in our eStore today!

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From your device go to the iTunes store, search for "This Thing Called Life Ernest Holmes" (all those words) and you will find 10 albums each with two radio shows for only $9.99 each from the 1940's and 1950's.

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