Science of Mind Archives Research Tools

The Science of Mind Library and Archives Foundation is pleased to be able to make available to you a number of tools listed below to assist you in your research of New Thought and the Science of Mind.  [Scroll down to see all!]

Search and Copy Ernest Holmes Quotes for Free!


Between 2001 and 2011, Rev. Katherine Neville Smith produced 3 versions of a CD entitled “Ernest Holmes On…” that contained a searchable Word document with many Ernest Holmes quotes organized by topic. Our gracious thanks to Rev Katherine who has now made the final version of her document from 2011 available for free through the resources of the Archives!

Below is a link where you may download this document and open it in your word processor.  It is a Word document so it may need to be converted for use in other programs.

Once the document is open, you can use the subject listing to click on a topic and jump to that category of quotes.  Or alternatively, you can use your word processor search capabilities to locate a specific word or phrase within a quote.  Then highlight and copy the text that you want to use.

This is a valuable tool for the student of Science of Mind!


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD “Ernest Holmes On….” Version 3

Research Inventory of Ernest Holmes Content

The Science of Mind Archives is compiling a listing of all known available content by Ernest Holmes.  This inventory includes a listing of his radio and TV shows, his Sunday talks, his magazine articles, his books, his Asilomar talks, his Tuesday “invitational classes” and more.

If you would like to view this inventory and download it for your own research, click on the link below. Note that you can also see our research notes! You will be taken to a “Google Sheet” spreadsheet (note the category tabs at the bottom).

Please know that this is an active “research document” and is a “work in progress” being continously updated.  Although reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the data is accurate, there are known gaps and questions as we continue our research. However, we do believe that the information contained in the document will be quite useful to the student of Ernest Holmes.  (NOTE: Much of this data will be a part of our upcoming “Past Perfect” online database.)


Dr. Tom Sannar’s “Sourcebook”


For years, Dr. Tom Sannar has researched the works of Ernest Holmes and compiled that research into his electronic “Sourcebook“.  Now, Dr. Sannar has made available his latest version for purchase through the archives!  Note that the proceeds of the sale of this book assist in the support of the archives.

Originally published in 2008, this 2021 version is packed with over 900 pages of quotes from Ernest Holmes, analysis of his writings. lists of every known available book that Holmes published and much much more!  All is in Rich Text Format (RFT) that can be opened in any word processor.  From there, simply read the Sourcebook for the wisdom it contains….or search for particular words and phrases to find exactly what Holmes said about a particular topic.  Then, access the text to be copied for use in other documents.  This document makes researching Holmes a snap!

If you are a student of the Science of Mind, you are going to want a copy of Dr. Sannar’s book.


Search Science of Mind Magazine Authors and Article Titles


Most all issues of Science of Mind magazine are available for download through the archives.  How do you know which issue you may want?

Currently, the archives has two searchable PDF files that list content in the magazine from September 1933 through August 2013.  One file lists the articles by issue date, the other by author name.

To best use these listings, open them and then use “ctrl+F” to search on the key words that interest you.  Find the issue month and date and then enter them on the search bar on this page.