Archives Leadership

A nine member Board of Directors governs the Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation.  They operate in accordance with the Archives bylaws.

The Archives is a nonprofit religious corporation dedicated to preserving and sharing artifacts that support the activities and expressions of Science of Mind.

Board of Directors:

James Van Cleave, Ph. D. – President
James Van Cleave’s vast research-based theological and literature background and knowledge—particularly around Ernest Holmes and Science of Mind history—is invaluable to the Archives.   James’ educational background includes:   BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois; MA Theological Studies, Claremont Colleges (School of Theology) CA; and a PhD Bible and Theology, Claremont Colleges (School of Theology), CA 2003.

His occupation and community involvement includes being the Systematic Theologian, InSpirit Center for Spiritual Living, Orange County, CA; a Board Member at InSpirit Center for Spiritual Living, Orange County, CA; and Vice President of the Science of Mind Archives, Golden, Colorado.  He is, also, a retired VP of Engineering, NavCom Defense Electronics, Corona, CA.
James’ publications include: Plato and Jesus, dissertation, UMI Dissertation Services, 2003.  He has numerous articles on radio, radar, signal processing, and he has 6 patents.

Rev. Mark Gilbert – Vice President

In addition to being a board member, Rev. Mark Gilbert currently serves the Archives as a key researcher and a lead for bringing the resources of the Archives online. He leads a group that brings previously unpublished Ernest Holmes and New Thought documents to the Archives’ website.  He leads the action to bring audio recordings of Holmes, Raymond Charles Barker and others to the website for streaming and download. He continues to research and compile an inventory of the works of Dr. Holmes, the status of which can be seen on the Archives’ “research tools” page.  Mark also serves to post Science of Mind videos on the Archives’ YouTube channel.

In 2022, Rev. Mark conceived the concept of publishing a new Ernest Holmes book based on his talks and classes at Asilomar in the 1950s. Mark led the group that produced the book, Ernest Holmes at Asilomar, to be published by Science of Mind Publishing in August 2023.  Mark will be conducting a workshop on that book at Asilomar in conjunction with the book’s release.

Rev. Mark has been a Science of Mind minister since 2007, becoming ordained in 2010. He served for 3 years as a minister for the New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living community in Aurora, Colorado, before beginning a 10-year period of serving Centers for Spiritual Living’s home office in Golden, Colorado, first as manager of the Licensing Department and then creating the role of Global Services Coordinator.  He retired from home office at the end of August 2020.

Prior to becoming a minister, Rev Mark served the US Government for over 30 years in various leadership roles, especially with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Rev Mark is the author of four books including Be Yourself – Evolving the World through Personal Empowerment and Our Spiritual Evolution.  He publishes his current writings on the blogsite Conscious Bridge ( and produces videos on a growing YouTube channel where he explores the evolution of spirituality, politics and culture from a New Thought perspective.  He is a certified trainer in Spiral Dynamics, has extensively studied Integral Theory. He holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Masters in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute.  He currently lives in Lakewood, Colorado, with his wife, Mary, and his chocolate lab, Penny.


Rev. Dr. Deborah Gordon – Treasurer
Dr. Deborah Gordon discovered the teaching of the Science of Mind in 1986 and has been an avid student ever since. She attained her practitioner license in 1991 and became licensed as a minister in 1997 whilst co-founding the Centre for Spiritual Living with her husband Dr. Kenn Gordon, (which began in 1993). She was ordained in 2001and received her Doctorate of Religious
Science from International Centers for Spiritual Living in 2010.
Her background, previous to her call to ministry, includes a degree in Psychology, experience in entrepreneurial administration, as well as 12 years as a stay at home mom.
She is currently the Senior Minister of the Centre in Kelowna, B.C. Canada, overseeing the community, which has a large staff and practitioner ministry. She has taught Science of Mind classes for over 22 years, including 6 Practitioner courses and 3 Ministerial training programs.
Through the years she has served the larger organization (both International Centers for Spiritual Living as well as Centers for Spiritual Living) on many committees including the summer conferences committee, the intensive ministerial student experience, and various other groups.
She currently sits on the Professional Advisory/Deans’ Steering Committee.
She is married to the former Spiritual Leader for Centers for Spiritual Living, Dr. Kenn Gordon. They have 2 children and 2 adored grandsons.

Rev. Christina (Chris) Plym – Secretary

Rev. Chris found the teachings of the Science of Mind and Spirit in 1994 with Dr. Roger Teel at Mile Hi Church. Intrigued she quickly took every available course and became a practitioner in 1998. She was employed by Mile Hi Church in 2004, and became a Religious Science minister in 2006. Ordination followed in 2008.

She continues in her ministerial role at Mile Hi Church, Lakewood, Colorado serving in various roles over the years as capital campaign administrator, manager of various departments including Education and the Prayer and Guidance Center, and tackling various new endeavors for the church. She teaches School of Spiritual Leadership courses related to Dr. Ernest Holmes and his teachings for the Denver region. She continues to serve Centers for Spiritual Living as the chair of the Global Services Heart of Peace Initiative. 

Prior to her adventures in the field of Science of Mind, Chris was employed in the financial services industry for almost 30 years. Chris has a master’s degree in Mathematics, as well as a master’s degree in Consciousness Studies.

Chris has one son, a great daughter in law and granddaughter.

Rev. Dr. Kristina Collins

Dr. Kristina began her spiritual journey at the Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science under the direction of Dr. Peggy Bassett in 1980. She has been a continuous student ever since. She became a Licensed Practitioner in 1984, and graduated from Holmes Institute, School of Ministry in 1992.  She has served in the Burbank Center for Spiritual Living (1992 – 1996) and the United Church of Religious Science Home Office (Ecclesiastical Coordinator 1994 – 1996). She is currently the Senior Minister at The Sanctuary for Spiritual Living, Covina, Ca. (since 1996), which she considers her greatest blessing. Her deepest desire is to simply be a “good minister.” This vision continues to unfold in the day-to-day joy of ministry.

Dr. Kristina has been blessed to continuously teach Science of Mind Classes from Foundations Class to Ministerial Class since 1984. She co-authored the Professional Practitioner Studies, Year I and was awarded the Vetura Papke Great Teacher Award in February 2013. She has inspired and mentored numerous Ministerial students and new Ministers along the way, adding to her own growth and unfolding ministry.

Dr. Kristina has served on numerous committees for Centers for Spiritual Living, including the First Archives Committee, Education Committee, Personnel Committee and the Asilomar Summer Conference Committee. She was the first recipient of the Hazel Holmes Award for her love of Asilomar in 2001.

Dr. Kristina was invited to serve on the Science of Mind Foundation Board of Directors in 2009 and completed her term as President of that Board in Jan, 2019. She was blessed to work with many churches to develop individual Endowments, creating financial stability for their communities. Dr. Kristina is excited to join the Science of Mind Archives and Foundation to continue to preserve the precious history of Religious Science and New Thought.

Rev. Martha Quintana

Reverend Martha Quintana has dedicated her life to the transformation of lives through inclusivity, respect, and opportunities to create unity. Through service to the global and local CSL communities, she has embraced the power of Science of Mind and Spirit to usher others into new expressions of conscious thinking. She has been invited to speak at conferences and events, most recently, in the areas of spirituality and social/environmental justice as well as spiritually motivated moral leadership.


Rev. Martha lives in Albuquerque, NM and currently serves as the Director of Global Services for Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, CO. She also served for 11 years as the Founding Senior Minister of the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living in Albuquerque. Some of her other CSL work includes serving on the Socially Motivated Socially Engaged (SMSE) Committee, the Global Services Committee, the Spanish Language Task Force and the Heart of Peace Initiative.  She was recently appointed to the Board of the Science of Mind Archives.

Linda Villegas Bremer, RScP–Archives Board Liaison to Centers for Spiritual Living Leadership Council

Board of Governors:

Rev Dr. Marilyn Leo – Past Chair, Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Martha Quintana–Liaison from the Board of  Directors

Rev. Dr. David Alexander

Rev Dr. Ruth Deaton

Rev Dr. Kenn Gordon

Kathy Juline, RScP

Rev. Dr. Roger Juline

Ken Lind, RScP

Rev Dr. Christian Sorensen

Rev Dr. Roger Teel

Rev Dr. Lloyd Tupper

Rev Dr. John Waterhouse

Science of Mind Archives Staff:

Rev. Kathy Mastroianni, Executive Director
Kathy has over 20 years experience in nonprofit management, including 10 years as the Chief Executive Officer and the main communications manager, grant writer, fundraiser, and volunteer manager for PeaceWorks, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing relationship violence and providing sanctuary for family members and pets.  Rev. Kathy was formerly the Chair of the Resource Development Committee and Vice President of the board of directors for the Boys & Girls Club of South Park, Colorado for six years.

She graduated from the Holmes Institute and the School of Spiritual Leadership Denver Region became a licensed Religious Science Minister in August of 2018 and was Ordained on March 22, 2022. She brings her Consciousness, along with deep skills as a non-profit leader to the Archives. Rev. Kathy lives in the mountains of Bailey, Colorado with her critter family.  Her wonderful 24 year old daughter, Izabella, will be entering graduate school to study virology in the fall. Rev. Kathy enjoys chanting/Kirtan, camping, traveling, baking, chocolate, and exploring our beautiful world.
Melinda Eskridge, RScP

Originally from Dallas, went to camp in Colorado as a child, and finally got to move here in 1986. After retiring from IRS, I found Science of Mind, and started learning!  Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Regis University in 1996, majoring in Organizational Development.

Licensed as a Religious Science Practitioner in 2001, serving as Teaching Assistant, Ministry of Prayer., and as Director of the Mile Hi Church Prayer and Guidance Center. In addition I have volunteered at the Archives for 9 years, assisting with the finalization of Chronicles 1 and 2, and making extensive corrections to the Excel inventory spreadsheet as I reviewed the contents of each of the 500+ archival boxes.

Other volunteer activities include:

  • working in a Habitat for Humanity thrift store and keeping the books for it
  • serving on the Animal Ministry Steering Committee of Mile Hi Church
  • serving on the Practitioner Council at Mile Hi.


Science of Mind Archives
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Kathy Mastroianni

Executive Director

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