Wisdom of the Mystics!

Throughout 2022, the Science of Mind Archives and New Thought Media Network partnered on a program entitled “Wisdom of the Mystics”. Hosts Laura Topper, RScP and Rev. Kathy Mastroianni interviewed experts on various New Thought Mystics so that we can each get to know these Mystics better. We learn: who the Mystic was as a person, what was their core teaching and how we can put this teaching to work in our lives in a practical way.    

The Videos from this series are Available below:


WELCOME to the first Wisdom of the Mystics! Hosts Laura Topper, RScP and Rev. Kathy Mastroianni.

Super Guest Rev. Dr. Jesse Jennings presents Mystic Dr. Ernest Holmes.

Super Guest Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes presents Mystic Myrtle Fillmore.

Super Guest Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes presents Mystic Phineas Parkhurst Quimby.

Super Guest Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller presents Mystic Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Super Guest Stef Swink, RScP presents Mystic Louise Hay.

Super Guest Rev. Dr. Lloyd Tupper presents Mystic Vetura Papke, RScP.

Super Guest Rev. Jody Stevenson presents Mystic Lao Tzu.

Super Guest Rev. Dr. Marilyn Leo presents Mystics Hazel and Anna Holmes

Super Guest Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes presents Mystic Ralph Waldo Emerson

Super Guest Rev. Dr. Tom Sannar presents Mystic Thomas Troward

Super Guest Rev. Mark Gilbert presents Mystic William Walker Atkinson

Super Guest Rev. Dr. Toni Lamotta presents Mystic Jesus

Super Guest Dr. James Van Cleave, PhD presents Mystic Dr. Matthew Fox

Super Guest Dr. Tracy Brown, RScP presents Mystic Sarah Flowers

Super Guest Rev. Elzia Selou presents Mystic Richard Rohr

Super Guest Rev. Laura Hallett presents Mystic Joel Goldsmith

Super Guest Rev. Mark Gilbert presents Mystic Christian D. Larson

Super Guest Rev. Dr. Peggy Hostetler presents Mystic Nona Brooks

Revs. Kathy Mastroianni and Laura Topper present various Mystics!

Super Guest Dr. Arun Gandhi presents Mystic Mahatma Gandhi

Year-end Wisdom of the Mystics show presenting YOU as your own Mystic + visioning for 2023


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