A Gold Mine of Information!  SOM Archives Web Site

By Dr. Kenn Gordon, Spiritual Leader
Centers for Spiritual Living 
What a gold mine of information the Science of Mind Archives is. I was just perusing its magnificent on-line contents uncovering not only our history but also pertinent topical information. The first place I went to was the compendium of Science of Mind magazine copies, which is extensive and so very productive. My eyes fell on one of the opening copies. March 1928, the Law of Mind and its Practical Application, by Ernest Holmes.
It begins, “Primarily, the Institute of Religious Science and School of Philosophy Inc., is an institution of learning that in no way competes with any established church or doctrine, existing solely for the purpose of enlightenment of Religious Science and its application to the greatest of all Arts – that of Life itself.” It goes on to say that it is a non-sectarian College of Metaphysics and that it is a magazine of the Christian Philosophy. In one paragraph, from one issue, written by Ernest Holmes himself, I have been provided with the answer to a dozen pertinent and topical questions. This is why the Archives is a gold mine.
Imagine if you can having access to original writings and musings of other great avatars and mystics. Imagine what our world would look like if the world’s traditional religions had verified original content and context from the founders themselves. One wonders what the religious scene would appear like? Well here you have the opportunity to do it.
I strongly recommend that every Religious Scientist take time to read and contemplate this gift of ours.
Dr. Kenn Gordon