Would You Like to Have Ernest Holmes as Your Classroom Teacher?

A Master Course with Ernest Holmes from 1933

In the Science of Mind Archives and Library website, you will see a tab called eStore, and if you click on that tab you can pay to download texts that are available from documents, transcribed talks, and lectures that Ernest Holmes made over the course of his long career.  This week we are featuring one that students of Ernest Holmes will find to be both inspirational and useful.  The eBook is entitled, A Commentary on the Science of Mind Original 1926 Text by Ernest Holmes.  This is a document that students will read and reread many times.

Holmes published his first book, Creative Mind, in 1919 followed by the first version of his major work, The Science of Mind, in 1926.  Ernest Holmes revised and expanded the text in 1938, and that version of The Science of Mind textbook is still the preferred book for the study of this philosophy.  So, when I read the title of this eBook, I assumed that is would simply be a commentary on the 1926 version.  It is much more than that!   A Commentary on the Science of Mind was sold in 1933 to a select group of one hundred students for the whopping sum of $7.50.  Today, that $7.50 would be the equivalent of $131.25. Truly, this was viewed as a “priceless” book in 1933, available only to the most serious students of Science of Mind.

It is still “priceless” because this eBook consist of the transcribed talks of twenty-six lessons that Ernest Holmes presented during his Master Course in the winter and spring of 1933. The Master Course curriculum consisted of lectures presented by experts in the fields of psychoanalysis, metaphysics, Greek philosophy, and world religions.  The Master Course was to offer “constructive teaching” and to send out highly qualified practitioners prepared and trained by the Institute.

Students will find this eBook to be an outstanding resource.  It includes students’ questions and Holmes’ answers to those questions.  He offers practical skills in giving treatments, assisting clients, addressing the concepts of evil and of unity with the Divine, and many other thought provoking ideas.  In The Science of Mind textbook, Holmes is often abstract and intellectual.  In this eBook, Ernest Holmes talks directly with students, putting his depth of experience into terms and examples that are easy to grasp and absorb.

It is an amazing read, and if you are in some far-flung part of the planet where you don’t have access to a Center for Spiritual Living, or if you are hungry to hear Holmes teach you how to be a practitioner, you will want to download this eBook.  I think this eBook has special merit for people such as ministers or study group teachers who will want to pass on this wisdom to dedicated students who are always hungry for more information!

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from Holmes as he discusses the weakness of evil and the Power of Good:

“You can send a shaft of light through the darkness, but you can never send a shaft of darkness through the light.”

From A Commentary on the Science of Mind, original text, page 113

Click the link below to purchase A Commentary on the Science of Mind.