By Dr. Dorianne Cotter-Lockard
Science of Mind Archives Board Vice President
A Holmes Reader for All Seasons
I love to acknowledge the movement of life from one season to the next. Our earth’s movement through the seasons provides a reminder that we are a part of Spirit’s creation, the moving, ever-changing nature of the cosmos. At the same time, we have an opportunity to be mindful of the fact that we are also a part of eternal Spirit, which is timeless and changeless.
A Holmes Reader for All Seasons is a wonderful source book of inspiration which we can use to enter into a mindful state about our connection with Spirit and the movement of the seasons. This particular Reader was put together in the late 1990’s as a project of the Science of Mind Foundation and the World Ministry of Prayer. The Reader includes selections of Holmes’ writings from Science of Mind Magazine published between the 1930’s and the 1950’s, along with some short excerpts from other publications (Creative Ideas, Freedom to Live, Creative Living, and Voice Celestial). The section for each season contains a metaphysical description of the season, an affirmation, and several readings including Holmes’ poetry.
What Ernest Holmes Tells Us About Spring
Ernest Holmes reminds us that our mind and spirit is eternal, though the body is not. He ties the Easter story to this idea of Truth. He tells us that Easter is a time “when we commemorate the fidelity of one man to his idea of life, which was so complete that he demonstrated to his followers the indestructible reality of his own soul.”
Take a take a deep breath in and release it as you contemplate the indestructible reality of your soul. Everything that changes around us, including the state of our bodies, cannot affect the reality of the immortal soul. By embracing this truth, we are able to transcend conditions and raise our conscious awareness to a new reality. Holmes encourages us to “enlarge the boundaries of our spiritual horizon” in order to catch a glimpse of the infinite possibilities available to us through and as Spirit. When we do this, we can “walk into the Light, in joy.”
Excerpt from “You” – a poem by Ernest Holmes
(Below are two stanzas from a five-stanza poem in A Holmes Reader for All Seasons)
You are as old as your fear of life
As young as your faith and hope
As vital as your enthusiasm.
You are as old as your memory of hurt
As young as your expectation of good
As buoyant as your joy in accomplishing.
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