Birth of a Vision

By Diego Reyes

Science of Mind Archives Volunteer

Agape International Spiritual Center

Science of Mind Archives May 2015 Blog

Spring showers bring feelings of gratitude for a fresh cycle of rebirth. In knowing each day offers new lessons of wisdom I awake ready to begin looking for even greater experiences. Today will be the best day yet!

“The principle underlying the theory of visualization is, that we are surrounded by a Universal Subjective Mind which receives the impress of our thoughts and acts upon it, this mind being set in motion by our conscious thinking. When we think, we set a power in motion which is greater than our conscious mind. We are always using the laws, which in their ability to manifest, transcend all human intelligence; and when we use mental and spiritual laws we shall find they act in the same manner.”

~Ernest Holmes

Now through realization of Universal, ageless Truth’s I gratefully accept knowledge of the larger Me I am. By understanding those who came before me I gain an appreciation why I feel and think as I do. Then through reflection of past experiences I can see evidence of principles taught through Religious Science that shine true in my life. With this wisdom I confidently stand ready for the evolution and progress of that I Am presence that I individualize. As I increase that which I can consciously embody I elevate that which I experience.

“Deep within our subjective mentality are imprinted the memories of our previous experiences. Hidden away and in the inner recesses of thought, generally unknown to us, are the silent causes of our outward conditions. But the law is always acting and we are ever perpetuating experiences which we would no longer have. What we need is a new outlook upon life, a broader vision, a deeper realization. This can come only from the Spirit which knows all things.”

The Theory of Visualization by Ernest Holmes

Issue 1 of Religious Science Magazine October, 1927

I am grateful to be able to share personal insight and impressions with you today. It is my deepest thanks we have found this resource of Infinite Wisdom we call Science of Mind Archives. The writing I have quoted in this blog come from the very first monthly Religious Science publication, the roots of what is today know as Science of Mind Magazine. You have instant access at your finger tips to these and many more ageless writings right here at

~Diego Reyes

Agape International Spiritual Center