Bringer of the Divine

April 2018 Blog
By Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation Board of Governors

Reflecting upon the frequency of gun violence in schools across the nation right now, I wondered how Dr. Holmes would direct our thoughts. I just went to this page of The Science of Mind Archives and looked, for free, at the first Science of Mind Magazine that Ernest Homes published in October of 1927 with his article on Visualization. He wrote, “It is necessary to find higher visions and broader vistas of thought if one is to transcend his previous experiences. This can be done only by letting the higher mind fuel, by conscious contact with greater reality. Visualization is always incomplete unless the thought is first impressed with the greater ability and made receptive to the Divine Influx. The Spirit is always ready to flow through man’s mentality; but man is an individual and must let it flow by the act of his self-choice.”

Even in the beginning, it seems Ernest Holmes was pointing us to a higher vision than the human conditions of this world. It’s easy to get consumed by the headlines and pain of the day. Yet, the universal truth of turning to God for the higher perspective is relevant for any condition that interferes with our seeing the Divine Presence. It becomes our responsibility to realign with the Absolute. I do not need to tell the Intelligence that guides this universe what to do. What I need to do is get my limited perspective out of the way and recalibrate my awareness to seeing and knowing as God does. Spirit has never abandoned any situation because It is Omnipresent. It is our field of awareness that has allowed the human condition to impress our thinking.

In this article, Dr. Holmes warns us about holding on to our thoughts and suggestions. He actually calls suggestion “a disease from which we should pray to be delivered.” Otherwise we will be condemned to duality. Dr. Holmes states that God does not suggest, He knows and His knowledge is Law and this Law is Perfect. Then I, as a conduit of the Infinite, must allow my field of awareness to be impressed by the Divine Knowingness that allows me to be a benefactor to the collective consciousness rather than a perpetrator of fearful thoughts. I must know, as God knows, the emergence of calm, peace and forgiveness right in the midst of chaos and confusion. I am the bringer of the Divine. I then allow myself to be moved to take whatever action I am called to express from a calm place rather than a reactionary one. I become a courageous expresser of the Truth, a disrupter of the acceptable collective perspective of fear.

You have been called to this world for such a time as this. There are no large or small issues in the Mind of God. Return to your Spiritual Knowingness and bring the clarity of God to all situations. What is needed now, more than followers of Truth, are courageous deliverers of the New Thought, the Higher Wisdom, the Divine Perspective. You are that compassionate Spiritual Leader who can take the abstract vision and make it relevant for the people around you.You will help lead them through their deep questions of concern about the headlines of today to a Peace that passes understanding.  You are called to be the deliverer of Truth!