Christmas:  The Journey of Awakening

By Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse, President
Centers for Spiritual Living 
Every time I come to the Science of Mind Archives website, I’m impressed with the many rich resources I discover.  In my office I have a wall of books, including a nice collection Ernest Holmes’ writings. But when I am looking for a quote from Dr. Holmes on a particular topic, I no longer go over and wander through those books.
Instead, I go to the Science of Mind Archives website and search by topic to find something wonderful that Dr. Holmes has shared in the past. When I do this I am never disappointed. To the contrary, I always find something delightful that touches my heart and gives me inspiration.
For example, today I went to, clicked the search button in the top right-hand corner of the home page, and typed in Christmas.  Right away I had two significant writings from which I could draw Holmes’ wisdom.  One was called “Christ and Christmas;” the other was “Christ Is Born in Us Today.”  Both were filled with wonderful ideas for a Christmas message.  This is the excerpt from one of those postings that called to me:
“Christmas is for remembrance. The love manifest through our gifts to each other typifies the offering of Life, the givingness of Spirit to Its creation. The hands of the Eternal are outstretched through our hands and the heart of the Infinite beats in the human breast. But the giver must give of himself for, ‘The gift without the giver is bare.’ It is not enough to give money to a great cause. Only those [who] understand giving, give of themselves withholding nothing.”
From these clear and powerful words, I can easily create a thoughtful Christmas message.  I can share how the Christ in me and the Christ in you are one and the same, yet we must recognize one another’s divinity if we are to bring the Christ Consciousness into its fullest expression. As I acknowledge Divine Presence within me, I am called to acknowledge that Presence within everyone who crosses my path. This is our journey of awakening.
And so it is!