By Rev. Doug LeBow
Science of Mind Archives Board Member and Chair of the Publications Committee

Dr. Holmes is “On The Air!”

Last year I told you about The Archives’ plans to rerelease Dr. Holmes’ classic radio show, “This Thing Called Life”, in a newly restored and digitized format. Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, CO sponsored this project, and Mile Hi member Park Peters with Audio Park Recording Studio, LLC digitized the original reel to reel tapes for us.

Starting with the year 1951, we now have ten “albums” available on iTunes, beginning with Dr. Holmes’ 1951 Christmas and Easter shows. Each album contains two half-hour radio shows, each fully complete with the original music, and Dr. Holmes’ message and meditation, for only $9.99.

You can find these shows by searching the iTunes Store for: Ernest Holmes This Thing Called Life. Your results should look like this:

If you are “Old School”, then in addition to this version on iTunes, we are also in the process of creating a “CD On Demand” product that will be available through Amazon this year.
But there is also another outlet for this kind of programming to fill your day with the kind of “New Thoughts” that will have a positive impact on your life.
Meet, “The New Thought Channel!

The New Thought Channel is a central location on your television where you can watch weekly lessons from spiritual leaders, enjoy music from your favorite musicians…and so much more.

The New Thought Channel has just joined forces with Science of Mind Magazine, and the Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation is partnering with both of these wonderful parties, to bring a select collection of Dr. Holmes’ radio talks to a TV near you, via either a ROKU Box or Amazon Fire TV!

We are moving into the 21st Century with a whole slew of new ways to get to know Dr. Holmes’ teachings in a more personal and immediate way.

We at the Science of Mind Archives are committed to Preserving, Protecting, and Presenting our New Thought heritage in media formats for the digital age, and soon I hope that we can begin the task of preserving and presenting our video assets too.

We’d love your spiritual and financial support to be able to accomplish this expensive restoration, so stay tuned!  Donations are lovingly welcomed and easy to do by clicking on the DONATE button. We invite you join us and be an active and essential part of preserving our history!

Peace and Blessings!