Easter, Springtime and Transformation
APRIL 2015
By Diego Reyes
Science of Mind Archives Volunteer
Guidance Church, Los Angeles, CA
Science of Mind Archives April 2015 Blog
“Since man first began to meditate deeply and earnestly upon the spiritual meaning of life, there has always been a teaching that this physical plane is but a dense manifestation of a more subtle and ethereal plane, that this physical body is but a counterpart of an immaterial body.
…today even the scientific world is penetrating the mystery of the mind and soul, and, at least theoretically, has resolved the material world into lines of force and energy.
…This physical body, which nature has provided for our use on this plane, is real enough or we would not have it, but it is not eternal. It is some part of the flux and flow of the activity of Life upon Itself on the physical plane, but it is not flesh and blood that inherit the kingdom of the next plane. This, perhaps, is what Jesus referred to when he implied that if they destroyed his physical body he would raise up another like unto it.”
In this season of Easter and the return of Spring my thoughts consider the principles of rebirth and transformation. It fills my heart with gratitude to realize that I am not alone in all that I have intuited through my experience on this plane, and rather, I am just harmonizing with a divine flow that has been carried on by man for all of time. Like many avatars before him, Ernest Holmes recognized that in order for this Universal Spirit to become aware of Itself it must manifest in some form on all planes. And here you are, the cutting edge of evolution! Let the resurrection continue.
Each day I live in amazement of this miraculous Now. Not only has Spirit brought your experience to a location where you can converge with my consciousness but you now have the knowledge to access the thoughts, theory’s and ideas of individuals whose physical body’s have disintegrated throughout the ages. It is through YOU that Mr. Holmes lives today, it is through YOU that Jesus is resurrected. I am grateful for not only your Being but the your desire within to understand beings before you. These archives are established for you to have access to the awareness of our predecessors and hence understand more of who and why we are who we are today. Thank you for your interest and contribution.
~~~>Diego Reyes