Make the Greatest Discovery of Your Life!

By Dr. Dorianne Cotter-Lockard

President, Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation

Ernest Holmes decided to create an extension study course on the Science of Mind in 1939 as an accompaniment to the 1938 version of the SOM Textbook.  In 1953 the course was revised into four volumes of 12 lessons each.  A condensed version, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life was published in 1984. The Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation re-published the 1953 version in 2013-14, edited for clarity and formatting only.

Each lesson begins with a summary, a set of questions, and the answers to the questions from the prior chapter. In his introduction to the course, Holmes says:

“My Dear Friend,

You are about to make the greatest discovery of your life, which is how to use the Creative Power of your thought for definite purposes; purposes which will benefit you, your family, and your friends.

The lessons which follow are not a revelation to some particular individual, nor to any one group of persons. Rather they are an outcome or a putting together of the best that the ages have discovered. We all believe that there is a Power greater than we are. We all hope that we may be able to use this power (Holmes, Extension Study Volume 1, page 1)”

Right up front, Holmes provides a succinct invitation to make a difference in our lives by opening our minds to the great teachings of the ages that have been synthesized into the philosophy and teaching of the Science of Mind. Holmes advises us to give deep attention to this study, to use the study course on a daily basis to gain the greatest benefit.

“You should approach your study with calm determination and a buoyant hope.” ~ Ernest Holmes

He lets us know that many topics will be repeated to ensure deeper understanding and clarity. The lessons are designed to reference the Science of Mind (SOM) Textbook, 1938 edition.

Each lesson contains powerful prayer treatments (titled “meditation” in this course). Here’s an example, from Volume 2, page 15:


I now realize that there is but One Mind, One Presence in the Universe.  This Presence is God; pure, absolute, unadulterated Spirit.

This Divine Presence, being everywhere and filling all space, must be in me.  It must be that which I am.  I recognize It is in me and It is that which I am.

I let this recognition of my indwelling Divinity flow through my entire consciousness.  I let it reach down into the very depths of my being.  I rejoice in my Divinity.

Again I affirm that the Divine Presence fills all space, including myself.  I am full of God; therefore I am filled with Light.

Infinite Intelligence governs every move I make.  An All-wise Counselor accompanies me at all times.  The Spirit of the Almighty goes before me.

As the light dispels darkness, so this Truth which I now affirm dissipates all fear.  It breaks down every doubt and casts out all uncertainty.  It looses all sense of bondage within my mind, stimulates my imagination with the vision of peace, of joy, and of abundance, and directs my will toward the accomplishment of my desires.

Many students find that the lessons explain the concepts that are introduced by the SOM Textbook in a more accessible way.

The Extension Study course is ideal for SOM study groups and Spiritual Living Circles around the world. These lessons can even be adapted to enhance your teen group or young adult curriculum. Since we published this new edition in 2014, it has been selling “like hotcakes” (meaning that like delicious pancakes, you won’t want to stop at just 1 volume of lessons)!

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