Patriotism of Religious Scientists

By James Van Cleave, PhD

Science of Mind Archives Board President

Being a theologian, I can say that one difference between the ministers and theologians in a seminary is that the ministers are expected to behave. The theologians? Not so much!

We tend to read an awful lot and when I get into something written by Ernest Holmes or one of his associates, I fit what is said into my understanding of the overall Religious Science theology. And it is a wonderful and systematic theology that can not only stand toe-to-toe with any other denomination that, in a fair and logical debate, will always prevail. But Ernest Holmes, as we know, told us that any such debate is never fair and is a complete waste of time. Anyway, the theology is very well worked out and is whole and complete and perfect as well as being open at the top for new scientific discoveries.

A personal interest of mine concerns how a theology that emphasizes Love, Oneness, and Universality can handle a war. In particular, just how did Ernest et al handle World War II? The answer is amazing but we will look at only a little of it today.

First of all, the Religious Science movement has always been very patriotic. In the December 1942 Science of Mind magazine (The Light of Truth, 7), Ernest wrote:

“We can do everything to serve our country in the cause of freedom, and we shall   do everything. You and I, every person, every American and every freedom-loving person throughout the world, is going to do everything that he can to crush despotism, but he doesn’t have to hate any one to do it.”

A few months later, in July 1943 (Faith for the New Age, 6), Ernest declared:

“I don’t think we have any doubt about the final outcome of this present world conflict. … Yes, we know that we shall win the war, and yet there is nothing arrogant in our attitude.”

You can be sure that President Roosevelt and General Eisenhower were overjoyed to hear that! Ernest likely prepared this article in early 1943, when Eisenhower had just begun to plan the Allied invasion of Europe. It is no wonder that Ernest later had his radio program This Thing Called Life on the Armed Forces Network, which was the only religious program allowed for our troops! (That was Ernest, 122-23)

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