Remembering the Past

October 2018 Blog
By Rev. Dr. Terry Drew Karanen

Does it confuse or amaze you (sometimes that’s the same thing!) that there is no past and no future in our teaching? There is only the “now.” God doesn’t know time as that spiritual presence is present everywhere. That includes the past, present, and future we’ve come to define in our human and very linear concept of time.

That begs the question:  If there is only the now then why be concerned with the past or the future? That’s a very good question. The good news is that the answer is quite simple:

Learn from the past,
Plan for the future, but
Live in the now.

The educational systems in the United States consistently brush aside or completely ignore the study of history. But without knowing the past how can we learn from it? It’s by studying the outcomes our ancestors enjoyed or suffered that we can better live in the present and plan for the future. The Science of Mind® philosophy is no exception.

The reality of this fact was keenly perceived by the founders of the Science of Mind® Archives and Library Foundation, Dr. Richard Leo and Dr. Marilyn Leo. They understood that the place of our teaching in the history of New Thought needed not only to be remembered but archived in such as way that it would be accessible to anyone who wanted it.

It’s doubtful they could have conceived two decades ago just how accessible our archives have become! A good chunk of square footage is used at the Home Office of Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, Colorado, for the storage, display, and use of the many items in the Archives. I highly recommend a visit there if you are in the Denver area. (I keep threatening to take a month off, pitch a tent in those rooms, and read, study, and research to my heart’s content!)

In practicality, however, few of us are be able to do that. When the Archives were first created the founders, the many contributors, and the rest of us had no idea just how integrated our lives would be with computers and the Internet. Today we hold in the palm of our hand more computing technology that filled rooms of computers not so many decades ago. Through our search engines and apps we have access to many of the documents in the Archives that have been digitized.

The majority of those studying the Science of Mind® philosophy today throughout the world have never heard Ernest Holmes’ voice. But everyone can now because of the many talks and radio programs available online through the Archives. Books, magazines (including all the Science of Mind® and Creative Thought magazines), and articles are available free of charge thanks to the many donors, of which you may be one. Even more information is available for sale at costs far below what one would expect to find even on the discounted websites many of us use regularly.

I have been a student of the Science of Mind®, Ernest Holmes, New Thought history, and related authors and subjects for 33 years. There are still more books that I have yet to read than I care to admit to or can count. There have been times in my life that I’ve felt lost, confused, or without direction. What got me through and beyond those days were the foundation principles we teach and believe in Religious Science. Like spiritual mind treatment, the basics get us out of the hell we’ve created and back in the heaven we desire. Whatever issue or problem you may be facing, there’s an answer in the Archives.

I challenge you to do two things:  First, access the Archives website today ( and find something that interests you. Second, consider joining me and all the other 1st Circle members is pledging your ongoing and consistent financial support of this amazing and vital organization. (Or, if you’re already a contributor, how about considering an increase!)

Terry Drew Karanen is the director of Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation, a Centers for Spiritual Living Virtual Ministry. Read his weekly blog at: and on Facebook. His books are available through


Science of Mind Archives NOTE!  October is American Archives Month and is also the 20th Anniversary of Drs. Marilyn and Richard Leo officially starting to archive our Science of Mind history.  In honor of this the Science of Mind Archives is having a 20 for 20 Month-a-thon with the goal of raising $20,000 to honor these 20 years of dedicated work.  If Dr. Ernest Holmes and the Science of Mind teaching has touched your life, please consider making a donation (large or small) to help us raise essential funds to preserve our time-sensitive archival collection and make it available for the world for generations to come.

Thank you for all you do to share the transformative teaching of Science of Mind with the world.

–The Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation