The Science of Mind Archives
Re-Birthing of Creative Thought Magazine!
MARCH 2015
By Kathy Mastroianni, RScP
Science of Mind Archives Manager
For 60 years, there has been a little pocket guide of daily prayers that has had a major impact on thousands of people.  Born in December of 1954 and originally named, “Religious Science:  Daily Word for Effective Living” by Dr.  Raymond Charles Baker, Creative Thought Magazine has provided love, inspiration, daily uplifting treatments and more for six decades.  December of 2014 was when the last issue was printed—and that is where the Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation stepped in!  Totally fitting the vision, “To preserve, Protect and Present Science of Mind Philosophy & History”, the Archives has taken on digitizing all 60 years (yes, that is 720 issues!) and is committed to having them all available on our website for download—free of charge.  Thanks to dedicated volunteers, no one will have to skip a beat as the December 1954 issue was uploaded just in time for December 2014.  You can click here ( ) to relive that very special, very first issue of Religious Science/Creative Thought (at the top of the page, under the navigation bar, you will see “Click here to view the first issue of Creative Thought magazine”).    To quote the first paragraph of the first issue:
Your Daily Pocket Guide
This new magazine is an additional channel for Truth.  It replaces none and enhances all.  It is streamlined, compact and direct.  It will fill the need of busy people, who desire a pocket-full of Spiritual Ideas to make easy their day.  The action of God takes place through these pages, and all who read them will be permanently improved. Truth reveals Itself to the ready mind and the open heart.  God, the One Mind, is both the writer and the reader.  Divine Ideas are Its only activity.
So there you have it!  Come and visit the SOM Archives website’s Creative Thought tab frequently as more and more issues are being uploaded all the time.  Currently, in addition to December of 1954, all of 1955, 1956, 1957 and soon 1958 are up and available for free download for your prayerful pleasure.   A HUGE shout out to volunteers Kimberly Schultz, RScP and Ted Penberthy for sharing their time and talents to get these first few issues out there.  A number of other volunteers around the nation (and Canada!) are working on scanning issues, as well.  There are costs involved with this large digitizing project and we are grateful to those who have already donated to help make this project a reality.
If you would like to be a part of bringing this important history back to the world in digital form, we are still looking for volunteers to scan.  Your tax-deductible financial contributions to support this project can be made on the Archives’ website at: or sent to:
Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation
573 Park Point Drive
Golden, CO 80401
Thank you for your loving support of the Science of Mind Archives and all of our amazing projects!