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Illustrations from Your Invisible Power, the Ernest Holmes’ mystical classic

“I have come to arouse you from your long dream of separation, from your night of despair.  The dawn has come.  The sun of truth rises over the horizon of ignorance.  The light dissipates the darkness.  The morning dew is upon the petals.  They glisten in the sun.  I Am that sun of truth dwelling within the sanctuary of your heart….This inner life is your only savior, the creator of your destiny, the arbiter of your faith.”—Ernest  Holmes, Your Invisible Power

Fans of the Archives are so blessed by all the preservation work going on to ensure that Ernest Holmes’ life work and his words are preserved for all to share, learn from, and enjoy.  It is great to see copies of all the Science of Mind magazines being uploaded into the data base on a monthly basis; soon, all of the issues will be available worldwide through the Internet.  Over 148 articles, pamphlets, and books by Ernest Holmes are available to download and read for free.  And, 53 books written by Ernest Holmes are available to download for just a few dollars.

But, we have still have many more titles that we need to upload into the Archives to make them available to readers on the Internet.  This is one of our current, ongoing main projects.  And then there are just certain memorabilia that you can only savor and enjoy when you drop by our location at the headquarters of the Centers of Spiritual Living in Golden, Colorado.  One of those items to enjoy in person, are the illustrations by famed Hollywood art director, John Datu Arensma, which he created for Ernest Holmes’ mystical classic, Your Invisible Power.  And one of the books that is awaiting digitization for the Archives is this timeless classic.

This small book (only 37 pages) was originally published in 1940.  It is considered to be one of Ernest Holmes’ most powerful works.  Certainly, there is a mystical, other-worldly quality to the slim volume.  It was originally available as a spiral-bound booklet that had for a frontispiece a portrait of Ernest Holmes.  But, what made the book truly a collector’s item, even then, were the seven beautiful, impressionistic artwork illustrations printed on parchment paper with the art plates protected by tissue paper.  The original drawings were by John Datu Arensma, best known for his outstanding art direction in the Western classic, starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift—Red River, released in 1948.  Red River gets much of its fame by the stylistic devices used in filming including enormous wide shots of the famed cattle stampede, which were planned and executed by John Datu Arensma.

John Datu Arensma [he is sometimes listed as just John Datu] was born December 30, 1896, and he died in Orange County in 1985.  He also worked on Hollywood “B” movies like the thrillers The Monster and the Ape and Black Arrow as well as others. Recently, some original artboards that John Arensma created for an animated movie, Emilio and His Magical Bull released in 1975, came up for auction.  These original illustrations sold for $6,000.

The Archives features the original illustrations by Arensma for Your Invisible Power at the headquarters.  The illustrations were some of the original material that came straight from the Institute of Religious Science in Los Angeles; they were in a box waiting to be discovered.

To view them on your computer, you can click on the link below.  But, to truly appreciate how lovely they are you will have to come all the way visit us in Golden, Colorado!

There are seven pen and ink illustrations:

* In The Beginning was the Word, and the Word was the Light

*  And the Light Became Law and Took on Mechanical Form

*  And Out of the Light Came Life

*  And All Created Things Turned to the Light

*  And the Light of Consciousness Dawned

*  And Man Walked in the Light

*  And the Light Was All

We want to make this book available to devotees of Ernest Holmes as soon as we can.  If you would like to assist us in our preservation work, you can click on the “Donate” button on the main page.  And, if you would like to volunteer to assist us in adding more and more of the articles, booklets, pamphlets, books, and material written by Ernest Holmes and other New Thought writers that we are adding to the website on an ongoing basis—please send us an email.  Donations and volunteer time are so important to the work we are doing here every day!

We look forward to seeing you here at the Archives one day.

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