By Rev. Dr. Marilyn Leo
There is a power for good in the universe and you can use it.
How many times have you heard this or a similar phrase?  It is the basic opening of radio talks given by Ernest Holmes on This Thing Called Life.
The Science of Mind Archives is now proud to inform you of a new addition to the many wonderful products available through
After many years of collecting, the Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation has now begun the reproduction of reel-to-reel tapes of radio talks of Ernest Holmes into modern day communication, digitally rereleasing these classic radio shows!  Beginning with shows from 1951, iTunes is now selling these productions. Each album contains two half hour radio shows, each fully complete with the original music, and Dr. Holmes’ message and meditation, for only $9.99.
Be sure to visit This Thing Called Life on iTunes and hear Ernest Holmes on the radio. Hear his voice and his message and you will know why he was so very popular during his life-time.
Ernest Holmes was the man of the early 20th century relating Truth along with practical use of thought and the mysteries of life. As he often said, “That was a mouth full.” Thousands of people flocked to hear his message. He was a man of love, charisma, and with a message he shared from centuries of wise council. His voice gave people reassurance about the goodness of life and taught us how we, individually, create our own lives. He also taught us how we can make changes in our lives by adjusting our attitude and thought. He said that we have a voice in creating our own lives.
His audience loved his knowledge, his ideas and his humor, which he shared lavishly from both the platform and in his private life. He enjoyed a good joke, many of which he could not share from the platform at that time but today would probably be considered benign.
I would like to thank the many volunteers that serve our Archives and Library and at this time especially the production of the Ernest Holmes radio talks. Also a loud thanks goes to Mile Hi Church for their financial donations in support of this project.
The Foundation has several projects – see our “wish list” –in which you may like to take part.  This month we will have a table at the Centers for Spiritual Living convention in Salt Lake City Utah, with many opportunities to support the Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation.  There will be a silent auction. One item will be a signed by Ernest Holmes Science of Mind textbook.  I will be bringing two years of Science of Mind magazines: 1938 and 1939, the sales to benefit the Archives. Plus additional surprises.
The Archives website is in constant flux and we have recently added a SHOPPING CART for your convenience. There is at least one e-book in Spanish available as well as hundreds of Holmes’ writings free of any charge.  There are e-books, printed books and class books. There are direct links to related materials and a DONATE button to help us continue this wonderful work.
December was a month of giving and receiving and thanks to many of you we met our annual budget with $25,000 of donations in December alone. But this is a year-round work and our continued progress depends on your tithes and generous gifts. We are here to preserve our Science of Mind history and to share it with you and the world. It is past time to let our (Ernest Holmes) light come out from under the bush and shine all over the world.
With loving respect,
Rev. Dr. Marilyn Leo