Timeless Wisdom:  “How to LIft Your Burdens” Radio Talk
By Kathy Mastroianni, RScP
Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation
How to Lift Your Burdens, “This Thing Called Life”, 4-1-1951
Dr. Ernest Holmes was definitely a profoundly prolific writer and also known as a great speaker.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear Dr. Holmes talk?  To—first hand—hear the deep mystical wisdom from this great teacher of Spiritual Truth?  Well, thanks to the wonders of technology and volunteers at the Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation sharing their skills and talents, you can!
For many years, Dr. Holmes had a weekly radio talk show called “This Thing Called Life” where he made the teachings of Science of Mind very personal and applicable for everyone’s daily life.  On his April 1, 1951 show entitled, “How to Lift Your Burdens”, Dr. Holmes shares timeless wisdom—so much so you would wonder if he had recorded it today?!  Here is an excerpt from this show:
Let’s start with this idea:  Let’s suppose we are confused and lack peace of mind.  And we have so many reasons why we are confused.  So many reasons why it is impossible to have peace of mind.  There is so much we have to do.  So many things that we have to attend to so much unfinished business, to we think we are too busy to become still.  Too busy to be quiet.  Too busy to listen to peace.
Now this is all a mistake.  No one can be too busy to be made whole.  Peace already exists at the innermost center of things.  When we do become quiet and meditate on peace, and thoughts come up in the mind which argue against our being peaceful, these are the burdens we must loose.  And when the thought comes there is so much confusion in the world that it is impossible to be peaceful, just say to yourself, “That is not true.  The truth is that peace exists.  I shall no longer listen to this confusion because I am listening to peace.”
Now, if that doesn’t sound like wisdom we could benefit from today in 2014, I don’t know what is! See link below to listen to the whole talk and find seven other talks (so far) on the Archives’ web site!
The Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation has many fascinating projects in the works right now, and one that is perhaps the most urgent is digitizing Dr. Holmes’ old radio talks.  Because of age, the old reel to reel tapes have oxide decay and are disintegrating. We don’t want to lose this important piece of our history.  Thanks to the Archives’ Board member and talented volunteer, Rev. Doug LeBow, this preservation project is underway and is a priority for the Archives.  As a nonprofit organization, donations are what make preservation projects possible.  Thank you for considering supporting the Archives and the history of SOM in this important way! DONATE HERE
How to Lift Your Burdens, This Thing Called Life, 4-1-1951