Vancouver:  What’s Next for Centers for Spiritual Living?

By Jeannette Quinn Bisbee

Last year’s Leadership Convention in New Orleans 2012 led to a historic re-combination of the once-separated United Centers for Spiritual Living and International Centers for Spiritual Living.  Now, once again, the split that began in the 1950’s has been mended, and our beloved institution, that believes so sincerely and deeply in unity and wholeness—has been made entire and whole again.  Last year’s convention was truly a joyous, long-awaited moment!!

However, once a goal is finally realized, after the celebration has died down comes the inevitable thought, “What’s Next?”  That is the theme of this year’s 2013 Leadership Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Beginning on February 17, and ending on February 22, 2013 –ministers, practitioners, laity, church officers, musicians, and lovers of Science of Mind will gather in Vancouver to forge ahead with new plans and preparations for the growth, wholeness, and long-term success and outreach of this wonderful organization and legacy of Ernest Holmes.

People will gather from the U.S., Canada, and from all around the globe at the beautiful landmark of the Vancouver Fairmount to attend business meetings, attend mini-gatherings of ministers, practitioners, and other groups, to participate in featured sessions spanning topics from: “Praying with the New Thought Child”, to “Counselor’s Tao: Balancing Self and Others in Spiritual Community”, to “Growing a Truly Prosperous Congregation”,  to “Clinical Ministry: A Non-Traditional Option for Ministry”, to “Using Social Media for Inspiration”, to “The Mystical Heart of the Science of Mind”.  One session that sounds very worthwhile is “Creating a Business Ministry”—how to bring spiritual practices to the workplace, and teach interested parties in the workplace to provide a safe, supportive atmosphere to allow for interconnecting  Spirit into a business site is a fantastic opportunity to build a business ministry, and, equally to grow Science of Mind.  Another workshop that sounds inspiring is led by two practitioners and a minister, who shared a year as vision partners, and watched their lives transform.  Thus, they created the workshop, “Transform Your Life with Vision Partners” to help other share this transformative practice in their lives.

The Keynote Speaker is Les Brown, author, former Ohio State legislator, TV host, and well-known public speaker who will share his life and his philosophy of “It’s possible” with attendees.  Brown, started off life being born in an abandoned building in Miami, then he and his twin were adopted by his beloved mother—who at the time was a single woman working just as a cafeteria attendant.  He was mis-identified as mentally retarded and referred to as the “Dumb Twin” throughout his youth.  Motivated by his adopted mother’s deep love and faith, he rose to business and public success, and now uses his life to inspire and motivate others.

The other featured speaker is author, producer, and well-known speaker, Peter Canova, author of the fictional ‘spiritual thriller’ Pope Annalisa, part of a trilogy called, First Souls.  He writes often about quantum physics, psychology, parapsychology, and spiritual history.  His 25 years of research, travel around the globe and powerful ideas combine to make him a must-see speaker.

Whether it is gathering for tai chi, yoga, or meditation in the morning, voting in the business meetings and representing your center, listening to inspirational speakers, meeting with other Science of Mind and New Thought lovers from around the globe, or indulging in Vancouver’s gorgeous scenery, good food, and welcoming atmosphere—“What’s Next?” will become more clear as the 2013 Leadership Convention starts the next chapter of growth for Centers of Spiritual Living.  Have a great time in Vancouver and be sure to stop by the Archives table!