Wise Sage Interviews

May 2017 Blog

By Dorianne Cotter-Lockard, Ph. D.
Vice President of the Science of Mind Archives Board of Directors
President at DLC Associates, Inc.



The vision of Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation is to “Preserve, Protect, and Present the history and philosophy of the Science of Mind.” This includes our current, living history in addition to the history of the past. We have a number of living luminaries who are considered to be our great teachers and authors of the Science of Mind. A few years ago, a couple of SOM Archives board members (myself and Karen Oxrider) decided it would be important to capture the wisdom of these great teachers on video so we could preserve and present this aspect of our history. This project has expanded so that others have joined the team to conduct these interviews, including Dr. Jim Lockard, Dr. Marilyn Leo, and Kathy Mastroianni.

Our vision for this project is to capture the life stories and impacts of SOM on the lives of people who are renowned teachers and leaders in the SOM movement. Many of the people we have interviewed or intend to interview have served in leadership for Religious Science International, United Church of Religious Science, Centers for Spiritual Living, Affiliated New Thought Network, and the Association of Global New Thought. Others are considered to be the great teachers, or they carry forward the legacy of many of the great teachers of the past because they were students of Ernest Holmes, Raymond Charles Barker, Robert Bitzer, and others.

We developed a list of questions to use in all the interviews so we can capture a consistent set of stories from each person. The topics covered include the wise sage’s life story, when they first encountered SOM, who were their main SOM teachers and students, and significant impacts of SOM on their lives. We always close with a question to ask what words of wisdom do they want to make sure are recorded for future generations.

The wise sages we have recorded thus far include, Dr. Sue Rubin, Dr. Arleen Bump Austin (former President Religious Science International), Dr. Charles Geddes, Rev. Bill Arrott, Dr. Jay Scott Neale, Dr. Margaret Stortz, Dr. Marilyn Leo (founder of the SOM Archives), and Dr. Ruth Deaton. We have plans to interview and capture on video many, many more.

We began recording these interviews with a video camera, and have graduated to more modern technology. We are now using Zoom to record the interviews. Once we have a volunteer to edit the videos, we will make them available on our website for everyone to view and enjoy getting to know these treasured leaders and teachers of Science of Mind.

If you have an interest in helping to edit these videos (and you have video editing experience), or have an interest in helping to conduct and record the interviews, please contact Kathy Mastroianni at kathy@scienceofmindarchives.org or 720-496-1361.