Give And You Shall Receive

June 2018 Blog
By Rev. Michael Torphy

Volunteer, Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation

It’s another Monday morning and I ride up the mountain to Genesee Park with my awesome wife as I take in the beauty of the surrounding area.  When we arrive at the Centers for Spiritual Living’s building and walk in the doors I am immediately taken back by how awesome our home office is.  But what never ceases to amaze me is the deep sense of appreciation I get when I go down stairs and enter the Science of Mind Archives and Library.

If one is as sensitive to energy as I am it would be very difficult to not feel the richness of our history permeating the very air that is in those rooms that contain the archives and two libraries.  Our founder is so alive everywhere and it is as if he invited thousands of spiritual teachers and writers to join him in passing knowledge to anyone who chooses to partake.  There are always pleasant surprises that pop up to please the soul and touch the heart just by being there.   Having the experience to serve up there every week is one benefit of giving service to this special place.  Yet there is another reason to serve that is just as beneficial, if not more so.

Presently, being without a center to serve as a minister, I chose to go back to the roots of how I became a minister – giving sacred service.  It was while being a member at Agape that I discovered the true meaning of sacred service.  I gave service to just about every ministry that that spiritual center had to offer and truly felt more blessed than anything I have ever done before.  I always got back more than I could give.  In fact, after three years of giving many hours of service I ended up being on staff and actually making a living with benefits (in every sense of the word).  Then I went on to become a practitioner and ultimately a minister.  It was never my intention to give service to get anything in return it was simply for the love of giving.  Yet it seems to continue to keep on giving me more.

So, why am I writing about all of this?  It’s easy to answer.  I wish to share with you how special and sacred it is to serve at an institution that is dedicated to keeping the legacy of a man who was responsible for Agape, (and all the other centers throughout the world) which was responsible for the life that was given to me (and most likely to anyone who may read this).

The Science of Mind Archives and Library has lots of interesting ways one can serve while having a truly interesting experience.  It is a chance to return your love by being a part of restoring a glorious history that keeps on giving.  Service: the highest calling one can receive.  I tried it and I love it.

Rev. Michael Torphy started his ministerial career as an assistant minister at the Agape International Spiritual Center.   He went on to be senior minister in Grand Junction, CO and then Fresno, CA.  He is the author of, Red Rock Calling: