NOTE: This transcript is from Ernest Holmes’ Radio Show from April 13, 1952 entitled “There is No Death”.

One of the questions so frequently asked is: Do you believe In immortality? And do you believe that all people are immortal? Personally, I consider that the immortality of the individual life has been conclusively proved and I am convinced that you and I, and everyone else, are destined to live forever because I believe that the life which we now experience is the Life of God in us.

If God is all there is and who can doubt this? then we live because God lives in us. And it is this Life of God in us that is eternal. As Jesus said, flesh and blood do not enter into the next kingdom. And, of course, we do not carry our physical bodies across the border. It is the spirit and the soul and the mind that is eternal. But the spirit and the soul and the mind really are the only things about us that makes us what we are right here in this world.

One of the first things that we should do, then, in thinking about immortality, is to find out if it is possible for us to reproduce the activities of the senses independently of the physical body. And here we have proof that there is a non-material, non-physical something about the personality which can act in complete independence of the physical body. It can reproduce the activities of the five senses without using the physical organs of the senses.

In a certain sense, each one of us is two persons. One is physical and the other is mental or spiritual. The mental or spiritual uses a physical body in this world because it needs it. But at the time of death the spirit within us, which is independent of this physical form, severs itself from it or as the Bible says, “Or ever the silver cord be loosed, . . . Then shall the dust return to earth as it was and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”