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ON MARCH 8, 1955, Ernest Holmes gave a memorable talk to the graduates of
Religious Science, titled “A Call to the Ministry.”

I can talk to you only about why I think this ministry is a wonderful thing to engage
in—as practitioners, as ministers and as leaders. First of all, it would be impossible
in our field to be a good leader without being a good practitioner. You might as well
say you have a dancer who doesn’t know how to dance. There is no such thing in
our field as a teacher teaching people how to practice unless he knows how to
practice himself and unless he constantly practices. He can only know that he
knows that he knows by the results that he gets. The only authority Jesus ever
asked for his word was his work. When they questioned him as to whether or not
he had the right to forgive people, he said, “To show you that I do, I will heal this
man. Pick up your bed and walk,” and so forth