A Holmes Reader for All Seasons


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A Holmes Reader for All Seasons First Edition November 1993 Copyright 1993 by Science of Mind Publishing

There is a power within us which is greater than any condition we can ever contact. It knows no obstruction, no obstacle. It transcends all because it is the final fact of creation, the Almighty indwelling our own souls. –Ernest Holmes

Science of Mind Foundation and World Ministry of Prayer dedicate this booklet to the several thousand friends who steadfastly supported our work during the past year. Ernest Holmes was a prolific writer and public speaker. From 1927 until his death in 1960, he contributed regularly to Science of Mind Magazine and wrote more than a dozen books. His articles, radio broadcast transcripts and meditations continue to appear in Science of Mind and are perennially popular features of the magazine, just as his books remain popular. There are few topics about which Dr. Holmes did not have something to say, and nearly all his work is as fresh and compelling today as when it first appeared. Most of the items contained in this reader were published in Science of Mind from the early 1930s through the mid-1950s and have not appeared anywhere again. The few exceptions were reprinted by Science of Mind Publishing in collections of Dr. Holmes’ writings, edited by Willis Kinnear and now out of print. These include the four meditations we have labeled “Seasonal Affirmations” (from Creative Ideas, 1964); “The Great Investment” (Freedom to Live, 1969); and “Abundance” (Creative Living, 1975). We have also included, under the title “Love,” an excerpt from The Voice Celestial, an epic poem by Ernest Holmes and his brother, Fenwicke Holmes, published in 1960. We trust you will find in this booklet wisdom and guidance for any season of life.