NOTE:  This article is from the July 1957 issue of Science of Mind Magazine.  There is an article by Ernest Holmes in the December 1956 issue of the magazine with the same title and similar (but not identical!) content.

When God put us here He made each one of us just a little different, and if Divine Intelligence made each one of us just a little different, as though each one were a new mold then the greatest adventure in life would be an experiment with ourselves to see what we could do with this thing that is within us.

We seem to be made up of flesh and blood and a hank of hair, a few clothes and certain conditions and surroundings. We seem to be the product of our environment. But this is a very superficial viewpoint. For while we are thinking of everyone as having just ordinary, commonplace talents, the first thing we know as Emerson or Einstein appears, or a Buddha or a Jesus. And all the world marvels and says that they were not made of the same kind of stuff that you and I are made of.

This is where we make our biggest mistake, for in reality you will never discover anything outside you greater than you, yourself, are. Even the words of the great mean nothing to us unless we could understand them. The things they say and do have no significance until we grasp their meaning. And we couldn’t grasp their meaning unless there were something in us that is already equipped to seize on the truths they taught and make them our own.

When you go to hear a symphony, you don’t go just to see others perform to to hear a great artist sing or a great musician play. What you really go for is that they awaken within you something that corresponds to and with what they are doing. And they really give you back to yourself. This, too, is an adventure in self-discovery