A short article written by Ernest Holmes first published in Science of Mind magazine in June 1970.

We are told that the two things people are most interested in are love and personality. This isn’t strange, because everyone wants to love and be loved; everyone wants to feel needed; everyone wishes to feel that he plays an important role in life. And we all are attracted to the person who has a winning personality.

One thing is certain — whatever our personality may be, or whatever it is to become, is wrapped up in this one idea, there is a Spirit in man and God himself is incarnated in every living soul. This Spirit within us is the gift of heaven and without it we would not be alive. It is a recognition of this Spirit within us that is the true starting point for the development of personality.

We often think we have to pattern our lives after the lives of others. But personality, no matter how winsome it may be, or how convincing, or how dominant, is more than a mask we wear, it is a manifestation of an inner, hidden principle, a Divine spark within us which uses both the mind and the body for its own self-expression.