It is no wonder he brought down the anathemas of his age, that he was labeled as one worse than a heretic — blasphemous. But so great was his conviction that he set sail on a voyage of self-discovery that changed the whole course of human experience. He opened up a new territory where few people had been — the discovery of our direct and intimate relationship with God, the Creator. Working alone with himself and the Cause of all things, Jesus brought forth the greatest spiritual philosophy the world has ever known.

The great example

You and I are trying to follow in Jesus’ footsteps to make the great discovery for ourselves. Can we reach in and out and up to something beyond? Can we grasp the meaning and significance of a direct relationship to something that, while it is greater than we are, is at the same time what we are?

Researchers in the fields of science have unlocked many of the secrets of nature, and their inventions have brought great good to the human race — and yet, we are more confused than ever. This is a time to see if we cannot discover the missing link — something that can bind humanity together in one common good, while at the same time leaving freedom for all.

So we are embarked on the voyage of self-discovery. And fortunately, we have much to go by — the lives of the great, the good, and the wise of the ages. It is to these few great souls that we must look to for guidance. They have all been in accord in saying that there is a Spirit within us.