As heard on “This Thing Called Life” Sunday October 1, 1950

Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes

An inquiry into Truth is an inquiry into the cause of things as the human race sees and experiences them. The starting point of our thought must We have known so many unsuccessful “successful” people, who have gained most everything this world has to offer only to find themselves unhappy and discontented. Having gained all, they have lost that thing without which nothing is worth while. On the other hand, we know any number of people who have had a successful life without gaining either wealth or acclaim. They are successful because they are happy. They are successful because life has meaning for them. They are successful because they enter into the game of life and play it with joy and in enthusiasm.

But there is no reason why one shouldn’t be both prosperous and happy, why he shouldn’t accomplish things that are worth while and at the same time, keep a true sense of values. Taking from life, and giving back to life – this is the really successful man.

Let’s see if we cannot find the relationship between the successful man and his own mental reactions to life. First of all, the successful man has confidence in himself, and in what he is doing. His mental attitudes are affirmative. He mentally associates himself with success. He expects things to work out for him. His will and imagination are centered on what he is doing. It is when the will and imagination combine that we find the greatest creativeness.