February 1955
Spiritual Leadership by Paul Martin Brunet
You Are Unlimited by Raymond Charles Barker
Expectation Is The Law of Faith by Walter Edward Ramsey
Your Heart Is Divine Perfection by John Hefferlin
A Treatment for Marriage by Paul Martin Brunet
Treatment is Scientific by Robert H. Bitzer

February Treatments:
1: My Faith is Great by Raymond Charles Barker
2: I Am Fearless About Finances by Ruth E. Chew
3: The Spirit of Love Governs My Thinking by Carleton Whitehead
4: My Mind is the Center of Divine Operation by Ida May Rudd White
5: I Am Courageous by Rev. Ellamae Edward
6: The One Mind Keeps My Mental Outlook Fresh and Inspiring by Robert H. Bitzer
7: Today I Enter Into A New Heaven and A New Earth by Jack Ensign Addington
8: I Enrich My Life Through Love by Walter Edward Ramsey
9: I Work Relaxed Within God’s Presence by Fritz Hermanns
10: I Am Divinely Guided in All Ways by John Hefferlin
11: I Live in Perfect Peace by John D. Edward
12: My Time is God’s Time by Earl D. Barnum
13: My Soul is Invinceible by Raymond Charles Barker
14: I Am Free from Any Sense of Strain by Iva S. Steckel
15: I Am A God Person by Jesse V. Longe
16: I Consciously Choose to Make My Life Fulfill My Desire by Robert H. Bitzer
17: All Good is Mine–Now. Today. by Lois Maxwell
18: I Live In Divine Abundance by John D. Edward
19: I Am Love the Divine Impulsion by Lora B. Holman
20: God Mind In Me Never Waivers In Its Right-Knowingness by Robert H. Bitzer
21: I Live Richly by Ruth E. Chew
22: I Let God’s Mind Do It by Raymond Charles Barker
23: The Christ Within Me Is My Fulfillment by Cornelia Addington
24: I Expect Only Good by Rev. Ellamae Edward
25: My Unified Being Keeps Me Free of Conflict by Robert H. Bitzer
26: I Have Risen Into My True Place by Fritz Hermanns
27: I Am the Divine Made Manifest by Raymond Charles Barker
28: I Live Fully, Joyously and Lovingly by John Hefferin