Creative Thought Magazine 01 January 1955


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Think What You Want by Raymond Charles Barker
In the Image of God by Walter Edward Ramsey
1: I AM Divinely Guided by Anita Scofield
2: Since God is All Right Governs All That I Do by Robert Bitzer
3: My Business is Expressing by Ruth E. Chew
4: My Mind is Part of, One with, The Divine Mind by Lois Maxwell
5: Today is the Only One That Counts by Carleton Whitehead
6: I Refuse the Luxury of Fear by Raymond Charles Barker
7: The Source of My Good is Unfailing by Walter Edward Ramsey
8: I Design my Life by Jese V. Longe
9: I Live According to the Law of Life by Raymond Charles Barker
10: My Satisfaction is Guaranteed by Lois Maxwell
11: I and the Light Are One by Lora B. Holman
12: Divine Mind Guides Me to Abundance and Success by Carleton Whitehead
13: I Love Life by Raymond Charles Barker
14: I Rest in the Cosmic Oneness by Paul Martin Brunet
15: In the Silence of My Inner Being I Hear God Speak by Jesse V. Longe
16: I Am Always in My Right Place with the Right People at the Right Time by Robert H. Bitzer
17: I Believe in Myself by Walter Edward Ramsey
18: I Am Dauntless by Ruth E. Chew
19: I Express Courage by Harriette Upp
20: My Eyes are Filled with the Glory of God by Paul Martin Brunet
21: I Dwell Securely in Eternal Strength by Anita Scofield
22. I am the Opulence of Good by Lora B. Holman
23. Lovingly I Greet the Affairs of This Day by Raymond Charles Barker
24: In Thy Light I See Light by Paul Martin Brunet
25: I Am Poised In Life by Jesse V. Longe
26. I Expand My Mental Horizons by Charles H. Palmer
27. God Enriches Me Through Every Situation by Raymond Charles Barker
28. I Am Divnie Perception by Lora B. Holman
29. I Use My Creative God-Given Power by Anita Scofield
30. Divine Intelligence Directs Me to My Greatest Good by Robert Bitzer
31. I Am In Tune with G-O-D by Paul Martin Brunet