Dogs and children are not so far apart after all. Dogs and children know if you inwardly disapprove of them, whether or not you say anything. They reach out with a feeling toward you, and if that feeling is rebuffed, they are unhappy.

But we all are children. Just children of a larger growth and a little more experience. Just children wanting to be loved, wanting to sing our little song and dance our little dance. We all like to strut our stuff and play the game of life with joy.

Of course we want to be adult. We don’t want to be too foolish. But there is such a thing as the game of life, and there must be a way to play it so that when we go to bed at night we shan’t carry too much of the hurt of the day into a restless sleep; so that when we wake in the morning we shall anticipate something that promises to be wonderful and exhilarating.

You see, this is the way we are made, and God never makes mistakes. There is nothing wrong with This Thing Called Life, for whatever seems wrong with it is the way we are living it and not Life itself. If we are not getting the most out of life, it must be because we are not putting the most in it.

This week we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. But Thanksgiving is more than a day to serve turkey and dressing and eat brown gravy on mashed potatoes. It really means that we should be grateful for life; that we should praise the Giver of all good and that we should gratefully acknowledge the priceless heritage of a free and noble people.