A Message from Ernest Holmes

I hope you are deriving great benefit from these lessons and that you are making time every day to prove that this science is practical and workable. For what good is a lot of information unless we use it? To say that we believe in the principle of a science is quite different from using that principle.

It is not enough merely to believe in the Principle of Mind. We must understand that the Law of Mind in Action is something that we can use. Reduced to its greatest simplicity this means that we must realize that definite thoughts, mental statements, affirmation, and denials produce a corresponding action in the Universal Ether of Mind that receives the impress of our thought and acts upon it.

This Mind Principle acts exactly like a mirror. Your statements are reflected in it as though they were pictures, and the reflection comes back to you as conditions. When you want to change things in a mirror you never try to rub out the reflection; you change the image in front of it. The new reflection is automatic. It cannot contradict the image when you hold before it.

You as the image maker must be certain that you are imaging only what is good for yourself and everyone else. Within this good is contained everything necessary to happiness, health, success, and mental and spiritual well-being.