My Dear Friend,
You are now starting on your 25th lesson. You have completed one half of our course. We know that you have found it more than worthwhile and we want to be sure that you are using these lessons in your everyday life, for yourself and for others. Please remember these lessons are not written to show you how to escape from objective reality. Rather they are a dynamic system for learning how to enter into life and living.

It is not enough just to know these truths. We must do something with them. Our lives should become fuller, more happy and radiant. We should have better health and a more complete sense of well-being.
Above everything else we should have what we all need, a definite toward assurance that Life is for us and not against us.

Yes, you are now halfway through your course but you are really just beginning what we hope and believe will be the most wonderful experience of your life. Won’t you share it with others, for sharing with others is a beautiful experience. It takes time but it is worth it. We all want to feel close to people, to love and be loved, and to enjoy living together.
We all are engaged in the great adventure of living, and all around us there are opportunities for self-expression which includes others. We all are part of one stupendous whole which is God, the Living Spirit Almighty.