It is only common sense to recognize that what this law does for you it must, of necessity, do through you. The gift of Life is not complete until it is accepted. If you believe only in a little good, then the law will be compelled to operate on that little good. Not that the law of itself knows anything about big and little any more than the law of gravitation would know that a mountain is heavier than a marble–it automatically holds everything in place. And the power that does this is invisible, as are all forces in nature.

Now shift this whole proposition over into the invisible law of good which acts on your faith. This law is like a mirror reflecting your mental attitudes. Therefore, if you say, “I can have a little good,” it will produce this small amount of good for you, but if you say, “All the good there is, is mine,” with equal certainty it will produce a larger good. If you believe that wherever you go you will meet with love and friendship, with appreciation and gratitude, then this will become the law of your life.

Often good and sincere persons ask if it is right to use Divine Power for personal purposes. No one thinks it wrong to use other laws of nature for personal purposes. The laws of mind and Spirit are natural laws. Do not hesitate to use these laws for any purpose which is constructive. It is no more selfish to use spiritual law for personal purposes than it is to plant a garden for your personal use. Moreover, there is no escaping this law, for it is as intimate as your own thought, as personal as your own being.

Use your intellect, imagination and feeling for the purpose of seeing and sensing freedom instead of bondage, joy instead of unhappiness, plenty instead of want, health in place of disease. The very denial of your good keeps that good from you. Reversing this process, through affirmation, will bring about the good you desire.

It might come as a surprise to many if, when they say, “My poor head!” “My poor back!” or, “My poor circulation!” you were to tell them they are actually using a creative law in a negative way. The laws of mind do not work in one instance while refusing to operate in another. Every time you think, you are using the Law of Mind. How careful, then, you should be to think constructively.