Transcript taken from Ernest Holmes radio show of September 23, 1951.

Jesus said, “These signs shall follow them that believe,” and he told his followers that everything he did was a lesson for them. He said, “Greater works than these shall ye do.” He told them to go out through the countryside and perform the same miracles of faith that he performed.

It seems impossible for us to accept the teaching of Jesus without accepting the signs that followed. For we cannot believe that only part of what he said was true and the rest

false. Jesus was not a charlatan. He was and still remains, the outstanding Spiritual genius of the ages. Therefore, he was, and still is, the example for us to follow and see if from the inspiration of his words we, too, may not catch the full intent of their meaning and experience the signs that should follow our own belief.

There certainly is something in the teaching of Jesus that we have overlooked, a good which might come into our lives. And when we carefully study the words of the Master we find that he showed us why we do not experience this good. He summed it all up in the simple thought of belief and faith in a Power greater than we are and an actual conviction that we are surrounded by spiritual laws, which work for us.