In this transcript of his Sunday talk from May 1, 1955, Dr Holmes first talks about the power of spiritual mind treatment and then offers us one.  This is followed by his talk on “forgetting yesterday”.  What does that mean?

Holmes states, “if the whole process of modern psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, psychoanalysis, etc., is to bring to the surface the negative emotional reactions of all of our yesterdays so that the content in the memory by the hurt is dissipated, what happens next?”  That “next” he says, is to release the old thoughts, to “forget them” and replace into the One Mind, new thoughts to bring about a new experience.

Ernest states “that the action of our thought consciously used is a transcendent power when it is used in love, when it is used with compassion, when it is used as we identify it with that living stream of Life that emanates from the Eternal Good.”