To those who have inward vision, it is not at all uncommon to see the separation of the spirit from the body. And perhaps more frequently than we have realized, after this separation takes place we are able to communicate with those who have left this world. Personally, I haven’t the slightest doubt of this because I have had too many experiences in this field to question its reality. And it has been my privilege to know a number of highly trained scientists who have spent years of very careful research into this subject only to come to the conclusion that there is an immortal side to our nature. There is something about the personality that does not die that continues beyond the grave.

But someone might ask, “How can you believe this when you are dealing with such an intangible thing? How can you trust your feelings and sentiments alone? Perhaps the whole thing is but an idle daydream, an empty wish, a forlorn hope?”

You might as well ask an artist if his vision of beauty is a forlorn hope. He doesn’t see the beauty but he does feel it. You might as well ask a mathematician whether or not the principle of mathematics is a reality. No one has ever weighed or measured it.

As a matter of fact, while biology is the study of the life principle in the physical body, no one has ever seen this life principle. And yet, at the very moment that it departs from the body, the body begins to disintegrate. Who can doubt that the integrating factor, the thing that held the body together, has actually left its earthly home?

Psychology is the science of the way the mind works in us but no psychologist ever saw the mind, nor is there one who doubts its existence. It is an interesting fact but a true one that all we deal with in this physical world is the effect of invisible causes, of an invisible Intelligence working through physical forms.