You and I, and everyone seem to be searching for something, as though we knew by some divine instinct within us, that there is something that could really make us whole and happy, something that will include our physical well-being and a real success in living.

If we were to ask ourselves: Just what is it want from Life? I think our answer would be: we want friends, we would like to have people like us, and we wish to like others; we want to enter into the joy of living and above everything else, we wish to be happy; we want to eliminate all fear from life and have an inward sense of security that makes us feel that all is well with us, not only in this world, but in another world to come.

It has been my privilege over many years to discuss these thoughts with thousands of people and I know that every man’s search is after God, because everyone is searching for something that will make him whole. And just as self-preservation is the first law of nature, everyone whether or not he knows it, is in search of the assurance that he will live forever somewhere.

But everyone doesn’t know or quite realize, that he really is searching after God. And this is because we have separated religion from everyday life; we have tried to separate life from living and God from nature. So, in some vague sort of way, we have come to feel that the Kingdom of God is not really at hand, but rather that it is to transpire in a dim and unknown future.