Human evolution, which is the unfolding of the inner life through the personality of man, is an eternal progress in an ever widening circle. Always the future is a logical outcome of the past and the present suspended between the past and future is a tendency linking events into one sequential whole. Standing before the portals of a new year, meditating upon the past and anticipating the future, we may well pause and ask ourselves what tendency our life is taking.

To the student of Religious Science the past has been a vehicle conveying the soul to an eternal future of enlarging possibilities, brighter outlooks and broader ranges of experience. We carry no corpses with us but let the dead past bury its dead having learned by experience lessons both hard and easy we consciously let go of all unpleasant memories and seek to forgive and to forget. Whatever of sorrow or grief may have been endured, it is enough that the lesson is learned, it is enough that we have progressed for this is the eternal mandate of Mind. We should carry into the future only that which is ennobling, inspiring and constructive.

If the past has taught anything it has taught the futility of trying to run the universe with the feeble intelligence of finite minds. Again and again we are brought back to the fundamental proposition that the universe is self-existent and is run by the propulsive action of its own untiring energy. Perhaps the greatest lesson which we have to learn is the lesson of faith, faith in the good, the true and the beautiful. While the sun sets on falsehood and the night closes in on mortal strife that which is true endures forever.