The Spirit which fills the interspaces of the universe and thrills through all things, does not cognize space. The thought of God does not begin at one point and pass hence to another. The thought is immediate. The Spirit has often been symbolized by a winged dove and the messenger of God, as a flying angel but in truth, the departure and the arrival of God’s thought are always at the same point.

Now in healing, we work entirely through the medium of the spiritual nature. In the realm of spirit, one mind does not lie at a distance from some other mind. Entering the realm of the spirit, one lays aside distances. For example, love is as real and as vital when two friends are far apart as when they are near. “Absent in the body but present in the spirit,” expresses it. Love unites though hearts be far apart. Or we may find an illustration in prayer. It has been long recognized in the church that prayer leaps at once from the petitioner to its object. I can pray for my friend half way around the globe; the effect of the prayer is immediate. Innumerable instances are on record showing that the time of the prayer and its answer were identical, although the parties were far apart.

Acting upon this principle, in common with untold others we have healed many “afar off yet near at hand.”