In this Sunday talk from March 1, 1942, Dr. Ernest Holmes offers some thoughts during the midst of World War II on the Divine creative process and our human level judgments of “good and evil”.

Our human issue he states is that  “we say there is no devil, but we experience fear, hate, lack, limitation, uncertainty, and because we cannot figure out why we experience these things we merely swap one devil for another. That is a mistake. There is no ultimate evil force in the universe. There couldn’t be. If there were nothing could exist on this planet, not a buttercup or a blade of grass. But because there is but One Force which we can use, all is possible. That is what is back of the world war, it is a misinterpretation of the meaning of life and nothing will heal this chaos and confusion, other than the understanding of the unity, the indivisibility back of all life, the oneness of all people.”

Valuable insights even during the 21st century!