This is the transcript of Dr. Holmes talk at the Beverly Theater on January 9, 1955.

This is the second of a five week series where Dr. Holmes spoke on the basic concepts of the Science of Mind.

Quote:  “Now you and I believe God is all there is and there isn’t anything else that is, cause, medium and effect, it is all God. But we must have some inward, inner personal, immediate relationship with God. God is around, about us and within us and that which is within the microcosm, that is the individual world, is also in the macrocosm. All that God is is right in us but we are not God, we are like that nature. And so as we say God must be the Thing, the way It works and what It does, the Greeks said man is pneuma, psyche and soma or spirit, soul and body. In modern psychology, psychiatry and analysis we are dealing with the thing that knows and observes, the action that takes place when it consciously and unconsciously makes an impression on itself and the result.”