But, you may ask, what has all this to do with my personality? You may say, “I want a dynamic personality. I want to be somebody. I want lovableness and charm. I want to be creative.” Of course, you do. It wouldn’t be natural for you to feel otherwise. But what is this thing you call Myself, this thing your friends call You, the person that you are, this thing that makes you different from all others, and that endears you to others? It is this Thing Called Life, in you – you didn’t even put it there.

Walt Whitman said there is more to a man than is contained between his head and his bootstraps. Jesus, the beautiful and wise, said, “I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” It is this hidden source of your being that you are looking for, this high gift of heaven, this thing in you that can mold and make your personality — this is your treasure of life; this is the source of your inspiration.

There are hidden powers, undeveloped resources, unimaginable depths to your being which you can penetrate and bring to the surface and make your personality anything you wish it to be. But first you must come to know what you really are and who you really are, for you are God’s good man and you alone can decide whether your personality shall be happy and whole, dynamic and creative, attractive or repulsive. You alone, hold the golden key to the larger life. You hold it in your hand.

But you cannot use this key until you first consciously connect yourself up with that something greater than you are. This doesn’t mean that you are going to get lost or become submerged in a dream or a fantasy. It really means that you are going to learn to live and think and act from the feeling that there is a limitless power back of everything you do. A power for good.