Well, one of our leading universities has done something very much like this. They planted two plots of grain under equal circumstances, the same soil, sun, air and fertilizer, and the same care. A group of people were chosen to praise one plot of grain and condemn the other. The plot of grain that was praised and blessed showed so much more vitality and life than the one blamed. They are satisfied a definite principle is involved. Is this any different from you and I praying for each other or blessing each other? Of course not!

You will remember that Jesus blessed the bread before he multiplied it, and you will also remember that in a certain incident, when Jesus and his disciples were walking down the roadside, they came to a fig tree that bore no fruit. And Jesus condemned the tree, saying that it would bear no fruit from then on because it was unproductive. A short time later, when He and His disciples returned they found the fig tree had withered away.

How many or us are blessing our physical bodies or our financial affairs?

How many of us are blessing our friendships and our social relations? How many of us bless everything we do and all those whom we contact?

What a wonderful thing to realize that there is such a power of blessing; that you and I can increase our good through the simple and silent process of loving and blessing everything around us. We should love ourselves because we are God in action; we should love our neighbors because they are God in action. Love and blessing are identical principles in nature and if you and I want to increase and multiply such talents as we have, we must do three things: we must use them, we must bless them and must expect an increase.

But someone might say, “What an idle sentiment!” Well, what is more practical than being well and happy and successful? It will yet be discovered that the great ideals laid down by Jesus are the most practical things on earth. And it is up to you and me to begin right where we are and prove that He knew what He was talking about. Are we entering into the more abundant life? Are we exercising such faith as we have? Are we living in continual expectancy of being guided into right action? And do we live with enthusiastic hope?