How To Make Your Faith Real


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There are two great realities with which we deal: The Divine Being as a living, loving Presence, and a Law of Good which reacts to our faith or belief and which being a law must of necessity react to us exactly as we believe. And we wish to use this law so definitely that we may know that we have a silent partner in life, something that is all-powerful that is for us and never against us, something that will respond in what we call the little things as well as in what we call the big things. And this is why Jesus told us that not even a sparrow falls to the ground but what God knows about it.

You see, Jesus used this Power for everything. He used it to turn the water into wine, to multiply the loaves and fishes, to heal the sick and raise the dead. And moreover, here is an idea which we perhaps have overlooked – Jesus actually said that “What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.” And He meant exactly what He said.

We are not to think of things, then, as big or little, or hard or easy, and we are not to feel that the Divine Will wishes us to have only a little good or only certain types of experiences. The Divine wishes us to have everything that makes life full and happy and there is nothing wrong with using the Law of Good for purposes, provided it is constructive.

Our prayers, then, to be effective must be affirmations which are so formulated in the mind as to produce and actual inner acceptance of the desires expressed. It is as simple as this and perhaps it is its very simplicity that eludes us. We must actually bring the mind to accept the good it desires even before it has experienced that particular good. Just as we would have to plant a melon seed before the law of Nature can produce melons for us, in this same sense we are planting our desires in the garden of a creative Law of Good which produces a plant exactly like the seed and never something else.

Therefore, when we come to use this Law of Good for definite purposes we must keep this thought clear, that there is something that operates on our thinking exactly as we think it – something that knows how to bring everything together in a right way and something that is ready and willing to react.