And yet, in doing so simple a thing as turning on an electric light we are using a universal law that flows through our desire. Every advance in science is a recognition of this fact. Why should it seem any more strange to think that you are one with the Mind of God than it is to know that you live, move and have your being in a gravitational force that holds everything in place? You are not that force, but you do use it.

It is fundamental to our belief that the Mind of God is the only mind there is, and that because This Thing Called Life has entered into us, we are all using the Mind of God whether we know it or not. This is why Moses said that the word, by which he meant the life of God is, not afar off but in your own mouth. This is something to think about, isn’t it?

When you say there is one Life, that Life is God, and that Life is my life now, you are speaking the truth. And when you say there is one Mind, that Mind is the Mind of God, and that Mind is my mind now, you are speaking the truth. For each of us is an individual personality in this infinite and perfect Mind.

It is the most natural thing in the world to turn to the Mind of God for guidance. And it is equally natural for Divine guidance to come to the one who expects it. But you may ask, how can I expect an infinite Mind to be interested in my little affairs? Again let us find an illustration from those natural laws which are so common to us that we accept them as a part of our everyday living.

When you breathe air into your physical lungs, you are breathing the same air that the cat or dog breathes. This air is common to all men, all animals, and all plant life. Nothing can live without it. When you speak of the Breath of Life, you are speaking of a universal breath. You are speaking of the breath of nature. You are talking about the way This Thing Called Life works in you, and in everything.