Modern science and our new religious outlook are doing more to help us overcome our worries today than ever before, for science is showing us why we worry and religion is teaching us why we do not have to worry. This should mean a great deal to us because everyone worries about something. And at the same time that everyone worries about something, very few people understand what worry is or how it works.

Most people and this seems surprising – most people have no idea what causes their worries. For example, an accomplished architect is asked to do a drawing for a new building. He is a man of experience and achievement but when he is assigned to this new job he begins to worry about it. When he realizes that he has become anxious, he stops and reasons with himself, pointing out to himself that this job is not unlike others which he has done successfully. He has a good background of training. He has had years of successful experience. Technically and professionally he is sure of himself. But still he worries.