Somewhere along the line we shall have to surrender our weakness to Its strength, our fear to Its faith, our lack to Its abundance.

We need not ask how we should reach out to God. All we need do is reach. When each reaches in his own way he will be fulfilling the nature of his own being. No good can come from waiting until someone tells us just-how, because his just-how could never be our just-how. Every man will have to discover his own just-how. And it will be right.It seems as though it would have to be direct and simple, personal and immediate, reaching out from our feeling of need, with an equal feeling that the need will be met – reaching out with faith.

Jesus said that the very hairs of our head our numbered, that not a sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel that we are cradled in such a love and wisdom? That Divine Power is immediately available to all of us.

And how, because we need it so much, and because we feel we can no longer live without it, we are going to act as though it were right here, always responding to us, loving us in spite of our mistakes. Why shouldn’t we lay at the feet of such love, all our weakness and uncertainty, all our past mistakes and say, “I am no longer afraid of them. I know they are going to be lost in something greater.”

Let’s not be afraid to commune with this Something that is greater than we are individually or in groups. It is wonderful for people to get together and pool their faith, each upholding the conviction of the other. It is like singing in the chorus. It is like an anthem of life and hope.

One person’s faith strengthens another’s. Sometimes it seems as though each one brings a feeble lamp into a great, dark hall and lifting up his lamp, finds its rays joined with those of others until all darkness disappears and a great light fills the room.

As the disciples watched Jesus in his ministry they saw light come into the eyes of those without vision. They saw a new energy flowing through the limbs of those who were paralyzed. They saw the lame walk, the dumb speak and the deaf hear.

And so they asked him to teach them how to pray. And Jesus said: When you tell God what you want, you should believe that He is going to give it to you. He was definite about this, for He said that when you ask God for something, you should believe not only that He is going to give it to you but that He already has given it to you.